Beyond Deep Learning

What's next for understanding and modeling intelligence?

Workshop mission.

Despite recent progress in artificial intelligence (AI), there is a large gap between the capabilities of biological brains versus computational models of them. How can we bridge this divide? One possibility is to consider approaches to AI that move beyond the standard deep convolutional networks (DCNs) that are featured in the majority of AI research.

We present Beyond Deep Learning, a two-day workshop where we will explore future directions for AI. The workshop features a combination of keynote talks and symposia that we expect will provide a forum for experts in intelligence with different perspectives -- from biological to theoretical -- to interact and inspire novel approaches to AI. Please join as in our attempt to discover what lies Beyond Deep Learning

Beyond Deep Learning is sponsored by the Center for Vision Research (CVR), Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative (HCRI), Brown Institute for Brain Science (BIBS), Brown Media Services, and Computation in Brain and Mind Initiative (CBM).

Next Meeting:

April 6th, 2018.
Metcalf Freedman Auditorium, 4-6:30pm.
Reception to follow in Metcalf basement.


David Heeger, New York University
Tom Griffiths, Princeton University
Dima Amso, Brown University

Contact us

Feel free to email us for more information about the workshop series. For more information about work at Brown relevant to the workshop, check out our twitter feed or the Brown AI Blog. This series is organized by the Serre lab.